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New Photography Books In-Stock

December 4th 2013

Small Rooms & Hidden Places, by David Bayles & Ronald W. Wohlauer

December 4th 2013

Cosmopolitan and sensitive, articulate and composed, Wohlauer is a master of the dramatic image, the framed landscape, the arrested instant. In this collection of fifty of his best images from his work over the past decade, the viewer is treated to dolmans from Ireland and standing stones from Scotland, the sweeping waves of the Big Sur and Oregon coast, and the majestic and dramatic vistas of the American desert. These landscapes, carefully crafted, beautifully printed, stand beside his quiet and unassuming still lives and his sculpted nudes with an assured authority. This is a photographer who feels no need to strain for effect, to manipulate techniques, material, or subject matter, or batter the viewer with proof of his virtuosity. The material is left to speak for itself, reflecting a talent that knows precisely what it is doing and is content to let the drama of the subjects at hand speaks more loudly than the man behind the camera. Beautifully printed in fine-line duotone, this is an extraordinary record of compelling vision of an artist working proudly in the footsteps of Adams, Weston, and Strand.

125 Photographs, by Edward Weston

December 4th 2013

Now releasing at a price affordable for every fan, this lavish hardcover book with cloth cover and foil deboss contains 125 of Weston’s well-known images and many lesser-known gems. Additionally, a detailed introduction, along with reproductions of many unseen photographs and ephemera help round out this ultimate tribute to a legendary photographer.

Printed on lush and heavy paper stock, “Edward Weston: 125 Photographs” is a necessary addition to any serious art library. Its duotone reproductions are of the highest grade possible, made from newly created digital scans direct from the master images within the vaults of the Edward Weston Archive at the Center for Creative Photography in Tucson, Arizona.

Hollywood foto-rhetoric: the lost manuscript, by Bob Dylan & Barry Feinstein

December 4th 2013

Surfacing for the first time after more than forty years, Hollywood Foto-Rhetoric is a remarkable, long-lost manuscript written by Bob Dylan in the 1960s, inspired by renowned photographer Barry Feinstein’s portraits of Tinseltown. These twenty-three prose poems are thoughtprovoking, witty, and thoroughly unexpected observations of a bygone era, and through the lens of Feinstein’s camera they speak volumes about the faces and places that have graced the City of Angels. Images like those of Judy Garland, Marlene Dietrich, and Steve McQueen resonate with our collective memory, while photographs of hopeful starlets, movie studio backlots, and sunny, palm tree’d boulevards evoke the timeless allure of all things Hollywood.

Hollywood Foto-Rhetoric marks a unique collaboration: With his unerring eye, Barry Feinstein captured unforgettable moments in stunning black-and-white, such as Marilyn Monroe’s swimming pool on the day she died, and Frank Sinatra celebrating at John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Ball. In the provocative accompanying text, Bob Dylan’s quixotic, expressive lyricism redefines silver screen nostalgia.

An Afternoon In Astoria, by Rudolph Burckhardt

December 4th 2013

One afternoon in February of 1940, Rudolph Burckhardt took the train from Manhattan to the borough of Queens. While there he took pictures of gas stations, cars and children playing. Revealing the photographer’s delight in the uncelebrated and the everyday, these four subjects appear repeatedly, from different distances and varying points of view. Later dry-mounted into a hand-made, spiral-bound album titled An Afternoon in Astoria in neatly printed letters, Burckhardt’s photographic sequences take the viewer on a semi-narrative walk through a quiet, spread-out neighborhood, far away from everything. More than 60 years after its creation, An Afternoon in Astoria is now finally made available to an audience larger than the photographer, his family, and his friends. Printed to capture the unassuming nature of the original album, with its careful, filmic sequencing of photographs mounted on neutral gray board, this volume celebrates a long-ago afternoon spent in the borough of Queens, the temporary new home of The Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Brooklyn Storefronts, by Paul Lacy

December 4th 2013

A colorful celebration of New York’s wonderfully diverse and popular borough.

What do the Bari Pork Store (King of the Sausage), the Los Doctores Tires Shop, the Great Eagle Photo Company, and the St. Jude Religious Articles shops have in common? If you were Paul Lacy, they would be among the hundreds of storefronts you photographed on bicycle trips throughout Brooklyn. Over the years Lacy has managed to capture every conceivable type of shop, decorated with spectacular and wildly varied signs and displays and representing countless ethnic groups. A more colorful array of graphics, both amateur and professional, is unimaginable. Brooklyn’s storefronts are a vibrant canvas that reflects the changing trends and distinct character of this dynamic community. You don’t have to be from Brooklyn to enjoy this book—playful while documenting a fast-changing scene, it transcends geography to speak to anyone with an interest in urban culture.