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Monday, February 1, 2010

New Magazines and Used Book Arrivals

New Magazines:
We have recently gone through our magazine inventory and have added a lot of new titles. We do this almost every year and the whole staff feels we really nailed it this time. Some of the new magazines we are carrying include: Tape Op,Wax Poetics, Relix,The American Scholar, All About Beer,Lapham’s Quarterly, Cooks illustrated ,and Elephant Magazine: The Art and Visual Culture Magazine.We now carry more than 110 magazine titles.

Used Book Arrivals: we have taken in some really good used books over the last two weeks. Some of the titles include:
-All the Harry Potter books
-He's a Rebel (Phil Spector book)
-Hardcore Zen by Brad Warner (popular Cleveland author)
-Lies My Teacher Told Me
-The Cat in the Hat
-Search & Destroy Vol 1 & 2 (anthology of famous 70's punk zine)
-A Whore Just Like the Rest of Us by Richard Meltzer
-Pastures of Plenty ( Woody Guthrie bio.)
Visible Voice Books pays a fair price for used books. Most of our customers are pleasantly surprised how well we pay compared to the competition. We also offer store credit. We are continually amazed at the quality (both condition and subject matter) that consistently comes into the store from our customers that we buy and resell in the store. It is just another example of what a great customer base we have.


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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Different Opinion Concerning Afghanistan:

Patrick Cockburn is the author of several books about the Middle East including The Occupation: War and Resistance in Iraq and a book about Muqtada Al-Sadr. Robert Dreyfuss is the Mid East reporter for The Nation Magazine and also the author of The Devil’s Game: How the United States Helped Unleash Fundamentalist Islam. Both writers are against President Barak Obama’s troop serge and explain why in three excellent articles listed below. Yes, Visible Voice Books does carry both writers work:



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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Drag City Press and Music

There is a great Record Label/Book Publisher out of Chicago called Drag City. We have recently picked up some of their books. Two great recommendations from the order we received:

It's been exactly two years this month that everybody's favorite hand-written-and-drawn psychedelic fanzine, Galactic Zoo Dossier #7 hit it and quickly went out of it (print that is). And it was exactly two years earlier that Galactic Zoo Dossier #6 did the same. This tells us (you) two things: one, that for summer reading and whiling away the hours with head-expanding psychedelic research trips, you can't beat the Galactic Zoo Dossier! Two, you gotta get your copy quick, or you'll be living in the harsh reality of getting stone sold out agin'. But why wait for it? As always, the Galactic Zoo Dossier delivers tasty tidbits on all your favorite obscurities: The Blue Things, The Gods, Kim Fowley, The Cake, Del Shannon, Hoyt Axton and more! Plus interviews with Vashti Bunyan, Djin Aquarian, Peter Walker and Bill Ham! Plus comics galore! Pin-ups! And of course, another round of Damaged Guitar God and Astral Folk Goddess trading cards — and a CD of further Unearthed Expansive Sounds. If it's too much, it must be the new Galactic Zoo Dossier. Available from any self-respecting book- or record-store on July 21, 2009 (for at least a month or two).

How Bluegrass Music Destroyed My Life by John Fahey
The truth, Winston Churchill once stated, must be accompanied by a bodyguard of lies. Guitarist John Fahey, whose folk-informed work has inspired musicians as dissimilar as George Winston and Jim O'Rourke, adheres to that principle throughout this conversationally voiced collection of ostensibly fictitious but semiautobiographical short stories. Fahey is no stranger to the written word: in the 1960s he published a volume on blues guitarist Charley Patton, and his albums have frequently included voluminous, fanciful liner notes. Fans looking for illumination of his guitar playing might be disappointed by this book: he spends more time spinning tall tales about a periodically horrific post-WWII suburban childhood and the many remarkable people he's met (from compassionate blues musician and fishing enthusiast Bukka White to pompous Italian film director Michelangelo Antonioni, whom Fahey claims to have punched out) than he does discussing his musical methodology. But his writing flickers with the same black humor and ambivalent mysticism that imbues his music.


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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Outdoor Sidewalk Sale/ Garden Courtyard

We have been receiving a lot of a really good used books. Our customers are always commenting on our unique and interesting book selection in the store. Well, we would like to return the compliment.If these books that we have been buying back from our customers are any indication of your taste in books or your collections then we have some of the coolest customers in the city...Anyways, we ran out of room in the store so on sunny days you can now find a great selection of used (and some discounted new books)on display on tables on our sidewalk. take a stroll through Tremont and browse our great used book selection on the cool shade of our front yard.

If you need a break from strolling around the neighborhood come on in and grab a glass of wine,coffee,tea,etc and sit down and relax on our Garden Courtyard.We have recently finished planting our flowers and it really turned out nice.It's a great place to read a book and enjoy the Cleveland summer.


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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Why Are All These Articles Posted On The Visible Voice Books Blog?

We have been asked a few times why we continue to put links to magazine articles on our blog. Three reasons: 1) almost all of these articles were originally printed in magazines that we carry at the store. So it’s a good way of illustrating some of the interesting topics that the magazines we sell cover. 2) It gives us an opportunity to turn some of our customers onto some very good reporting. Once you have read some of these articles we urge you to hunt down some of the other work by these writers 3) If you look at the articles we have chosen to place on our blog, they are full of information that you are not going to find in our local media and focus on very important topic’s we as a country are currently facing. These articles are a small public service that we feel responsible for continuing.

Below are three very current articles about the challenges facing the United States as we try to determine the best path of disengaging our troops from Iraq and Afghanistan:

Syria Calling:
The Obama Administration’s chance to engage in a Middle East peace. By Seymour M. Hersh

The Gathering Storm: Nir Rosen’s article that recently appeared in The National regarding the disintegrating situation in Iraq.
On the sixth anniversary of the fall of Baghdad to American forces in 2003, Nir Rosen finds that Iraqis are safer but hardly safe, sectarian tensions have been submerged but not eliminated, refugees are unwilling to risk a return to their homes, and almost everyone expects the worst after US troops withdraw.

Sunni Iraqis Fear a Bloodbath of Reprisal after Possible U.S. Exit
By Patrick Cockburn, CounterPunch. Posted April 14, 2009.

As American troops prepare to leave, the Sunni who changed from insurgents to US allies over the last two years are fearful for their future.


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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bob Dylan and The Band Photo Exhibit at Kokoon Arts Gallery

One more note about Bob Dylan… William Scheele runs Kookon Arts Gallery off of West 80th Street. He was also the sound man for The Band and Bob Dylan in the early/mid 70’s. He has an amazing collection of photos that he personally took and has for sale. If you are interested in this period of rock or Dylan or The Band you will find this exhibit incredible. We highly recommend checking this out. None of these photos have been seen before.


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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Two More Articles of Interest:

Urban Theorist Richard Florida recently wrote an article for the Atlantic Magazine called “How the Crash Will Reshape America”. It discusses how the current economic downturn will give rise to new demographic shifts. These changes will have serious implications on our country’s cities. Throughout the article Florida details why some cities will make it while others will wither away. This article is for anyone who wants to understand what can be done to help turn the tide in Cleveland.


Bob Dylan has a new album coming out at the end of the month. We ran across this new Dylan interview. It does a great job of exemplifying why Dylan is not only one of the greatest writers of the last 100 years but also one of the coolest people alive:



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